Party Time

So you have to organize a party and you just don’t know where to begin. Well, the Cuppa Volta Team are dedicated to making everything as easy as possible.

We offer a self-catering facility or you can leave it all up to us depending on the size of the party and when you want to book it for. Our party service is pretty flexible and we can arrange everything from the cake to the flowers.

Our connection to La Volta Dance Club adds another dimension that you can exploit. Whether a group of you want a line dancing session or you want a full blown disco, Cuppa Volta has the connections.

We can suggest themes, styles, meals or snacks for any size of group and budget. We will be happy to arrange a meeting where you can discuss your needs or vision and we will help you to make it all come perfectly together.


Central Location
Lots of parking
Cost effective meals
Stunning Environment
Comfortable Seating
Delicious Food
Ready-made Themes
Birthday Parties
Product Launches
Stork Parties
Fun Extras

 Popular Themes

007 Bond – Black & Gold
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Chocolate & Roses
Enchanted Garden
Wild West